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Restart with Certification

New certification standards to prevent infection of people and products from SARS-COV-2 virus

With a high sense of social responsibility from A CERT.

New Certification Standards for Preventing and Treating Covid-19 Pandemics are presented by the Certification Body "A CERT European Certification Organization SA" having as its main concern the safety and health of consumers.

A CERT Certification Body, recruiting once again the long experience and high know-how it has in the field of food control and certification, both nationally and internationally, has developed new certification standards, which were created with a primary focus, preventing the contamination of food by both the SARS-COV-2 virus and other viruses in general and consequently their safe handling in the food market, as well as the safe and legal operation of entertainment and catering centers (restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment centers etc.), tourist accommodation (hotels and rental furnished rooms / apartments), as well as other types of businesses, such as gyms, sports centers, hairdressers, beauty salons, etc.

The outbreak of Covid-19 disease has led to significant changes in lifestyle and daily habits of consumers, especially in the eating habits, while the fact is that in recent years people have begun to be very careful about the choice of food consumed. Especially after the appearance of the Covid-19, however, the need to strengthen the food safety and hygiene sector and to inform the public correctly and validly is more intense than ever. In this context, the Certification Bodies are the most responsible for the control and certification of food and therefore have a key role in informing and protecting the consumer public, conducting extensive and rigorous controls throughout the product chain up to the consumer table, adapted to the new data and with primary concern the public health and safety

In this context, it should be noted that the A CERT Certification Body has always operated with the primary focus on product safety and consequently on consumers, carrying out strict controls both on the products and the conditions of their production and processing, as well as on all those involved in the production chain.

From the first moment of Covid-19 disease, A CERT Certification Body, remaining faithful to the principles governing its operation and complying with the guidelines of the competent authorities, immediately adapted all the procedures for the control and certification of its products and systems, in order to ensure the safe production and distribution of goods and services both within the EU and in third countries, in which it has been active in recent years, always maintaining the high level and quality of its services.

A CERT Certification Body with its prestige and reliability stands once again next to the consumer for safe products and services in food production, catering and tourism.

How is a certified company recognized?

a) Certificate of Compliance
The Certificate of Compliance is the document that allows the companies to prove to anyone interested that it meets the requirements of the private standard A CERT CORONAVIRUS SAFE. It is issued by the Agency to the audited companies which have been deemed to have successfully met the requirements of the Standard and have a Cooperation Agreement with A CERT in force.

b) Certification Logo
The Certification Logo is granted exclusively by A CERT and in no case is it reproduced by the company. It can be placed in a prominent place in the business premises which the company will choose.