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Management Systems for food safety, introduce a documented method of possible risks in processing, throughout the whole chain of food production, distribution and final consumption. They are based on Standards and Principles that thoroughly describe all procedures which are necessary, in order to achieve effective monitoring of safe food production. The development and implementation of such a system, by companies that are working in the food production business, contributes in the minimization of risk during production processing, storing and marketing of products. The principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis on Critical Control Points) indicate the way for an effective development and implementation of a food safety system.

The European Union has indicated food safety as a prime priority. Based on Council Directive 93/43/EEC for food hygiene and recently on EC Regulation 178/2000 , where it is specified the foundation of a European Authority for Food Safety, the European Community seeks for a new more valid approach regarding the issue.

Hellenic Legislation, harmonized with reg. 93/43/EC, and Joint Ministerial Decision 487/04-10-2000 , demands for adoption of HACCP’s basic procedures by all food sector’s companies, in order to monitor the critical control points during foodstuff’s production.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) acknowledging the need of a standard which will be held as a basis worldwide, issued on September 2005, the international standard ISO 22000:2005. The new standard includes all HACCP principles, whilst harmonizing with the ISO 9001:2000 standard. This new standard may be implemented by all companies that are involved in the production, packing, processing and marketing of foodstuff, regardless of their size.
Certification according to such a standard (ISO 22000:2005, HACCP) is a powerful competitive advantage for the holders and a new starting point for extending their business activities and aspirations.


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